Welcome to Turing BNP Benchmarks!

Hi! In this site, I benchmark several probabilistic programming languages (PPLs) including Turing.jl, STAN, TensorFlow Probability, Pyro, and NIMBLE for fitting common Bayesian nonparametric (BNP) models. This project is funded by Google Summer of Code 2020 and led by the Turing team. See the GitHub repo for more on the motivation for this project.

My mentors for this project are Hong Ge, Martin Trapp, and Cameron Pfiffer.


» Gaussian Process Classification Model in various PPLs — GPC in PPLs
» Gaussian Process Regression Model in various PPLs — GPR in PPLs
» Dirichlet Process Gaussian mixture model via the stick-breaking construction in various PPLs — DP GMM SB